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Well, I don't care a Premium membership, so I do this to request draws and mostly for my friends. I want to donate to the people who don't have a membership and are saving up for one too :D.

I accept any kind of donation, doesn't matter how many you give me, I would really appreciate it, if you like my art or do you want to donate do it, every point is appreciated.
I will only give points to my friends and people who really need them.
Thank you if you give me :iconpointsplz: :D

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Just because I was bored I stole this from like 10 different persons XDDDD.

Character name: Angelus

[] Your dragon's name has a special meaning(except the one of be so good like an angel? o3o XD). 
[] He/She was named after something or someone. [Sun, River, Moon, etc.]
[/] His/Her name is very unusual(Is NOT so usual, so far I only know one dragon more with this name and is the one I was inspired XD)
[ ] His/Her name is a japanese word for an object. [A word for star, moon, light, dark, etc.]
[ ] Your dragon's name is a combination of his/her parents' names.
[x] He/She is called by a nickname("Lootah", "Hellstorm of the south" and more by friends XD).
Total: 1.5

[ ] You use another dragon to describe yours.
[] He/She is beautiful, handsom, or sexy. 
[X] Your dragon has a really nice figure.
[ ] He/She can eat as much as they want and still won't gain any weight. 
[ ] Is loved by others [either to be lovers of just friends] because of his/her beauty(LOL).
[ ] Others are jealous of his/her beauty(so many are jealous of me (?) XDD).
[] Your dragon looks like he/she should be anorexic, but really isn't.
[X] Has an unusual, natural eye color. [Red, purple, yellow, etc.]
[X] His/Her eyes can change form. [Slitted, pupilless, etc.] 
[/] His/Her eyes can change color(in part when he is using his elements or is pretty pissed off). 
[/] Has an unusual, natural hair color(well he have fur so XD).
[ ] Your dragon's hair can change colors.
[x] Your dragon can change forms. (Just a dark form, used when he is completely angry)
[ ] Your dragon has a scar with a meaning behind it.
[] Has a certain peice of jewelry that they never take off. 
[X] Your dragon has weird/unusual markings.
[X] Parts of his/her body can glow. 
Total: 8.5

[] Has more than 5 elements.
[ ] At least one of his/her elements are ones you made up. [Love, steel, music, etc.] 
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Check each box for each element you made up. 
[X] His/Her element does not has a limit on how much they use.
[ ] His/Her element is one that is feared by others.
[ ] Your dragon has an element that he/she has not discovered yet.
Total: 9.5

[x] Your dragon has a unique power (Light and dark magic)
[ ] That unique power is feared by others.
[x] He/She has a healing power of some sort.
[ ] He/She can heal anyone from near death. 
[ ] Your dragon has a power that he/she has not discovered yet. 
[ ] He/She is or is partially a demon.
[ ] He/She is or is partially an angel. 
[] Your dragon is stronger than most dragons. 
[] He/She likes to fight. 
[ ] Wins most fights they are in. 
[X] Your dragon can take down several others at once. 
Total: 12.5

[] Your dragon is the last of their kind. 
[] He/She doesn't know their parents.  
[] One of his/her parents are dead. 
[] Both of his/her parents are dead.
[ ] Your dragon watched one or more of their parents die.
[] He/She ran away from home. 
[] He/She raised themselves.
[ ] Your dragon was raised by the villain.
[] He/She escaped from the villain all by themselves. 
[] He/She is the chosen one and must save the world.
[] Your dragon saves the world by themselves. 
(lol, none of this, he is a guardian of light of one of the last magic kingdoms in this world, with the parents alive, where he escaped of the villain thanks to the help of another dragon, and now trying to keep his little place in peace and protect the ones he love and the innocents XDD)
Total: 12.5

0 - 10 Anti-Sue:
You might want to add a few more features to your dragon so that they aren't too boring.

11 - 20 Balanced Character:
Your dragon has a good amount of features and abilities. They don't have too many so aren't too powerful.

21 - 30 Borderline Mary-Sue:
You should take off a few features from your dragon. You don't want to have a too powerful or attractive character.

30+ Mary-Sue:
You should really think through all of their powers and abilities because your character might really annoy some people. Try not to make your character too beautiful or powerful and maybe come up with an original background if you scored low in that category.

Well look at that, I have a balanced character after all, with a not common "background" story XD.
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  • Listening to: After the Fall
  • Watching: New Silent Hill o3o


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My job here is to cheer up and keep my friends happy ^^.

Call me for this Name: Draken, Drakey, Angelus, Angel, Lizard, Rojito, Paul, Pablo or Pablix.
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